Three Fish Screens Completed in 2013

Three Fish Screens Completed in 2013

The Family Water Alliance, Inc. Sacramento Valley/Delta Fish Screen Program, and their program partners, completed the installation of three fish screen systems on the Sacramento River in the fall of 2013.

The River Garden Farms #3 Town Site (RGF #3) located in Knights Landing was the first of the sites to be completed. This vertical diversion has a combined 65 cubic-feet-second (CFS) pumping capacity irrigating over 3,000 acres of agricultural crops.  Intake Screens, Inc. (ISI) installed a single cylinder screen on River Garden Farms #3 Town Sitea vertical track and control panel to operate the self-cleaning brush system and winch.

A debris deflector was also installed at this site to protect the vertical pumping plant and fish screen system.  This site is quite visible and is located close to a busy boating facility, so a “Danger” sign was installed to keep boats and river traffic away from the site.

Cranmore Farms #2 (Cranmore) was completed in the fall, as well.  This diversion is a two slant pump site with a combined CFS of 40, pumping water to 676.6 acres of walnuts, 454.6 acres of rice, 371.1 acres of row crops and 401.1 acres of wildlife habitat.

This site was very clean and had recently had emergency repairs completed on it.  ISI installed a single cylinder fish screen in early October, with the control system completed in December.  Cranmore_Oct_2013

Our final screen to be installed was the Tisdale Irrigation & Drainage Company #2 (TID #2) Winship Diversion.  This site was originally a vertical, two pump diversion with a combined 44.25 CFS, supplying agricultural water to over 2,100 acres of productive land within the District.

tid_2_lvAs a vertical diversion, this pumping plant had an extreme debris issue, which is one of the main reason for converting it to a slant design.  Going to the slant design alternative, debris accumulation is estimated to drop considerably, alleviating TID the costs to have the debris removed on a yearly basis.

ISI and Davis Machine Shop worked together on the platform, as it is needed to not only support the slant pumps and related equipment, but to also support the fish screen during non-operation.  The District covered the costs associated with the new slant pumping plant, while the fish screen system was funded by Phase 7 of the FWA Sacramento Valley/Delta Fish Screen Program.???????????????????????????????

ISI will perform monitoring at all the sites installed in 2013 for a period of one-year to assure that the fish screen systems function as designed.  Minor adjustments may also be made during this period, if needed.

FWA would like to personally thank all the landowners and water districts that participated in the Phase 7 program:  Max Sakato, Dick Webb and Sutter Mutual Water Company; Dan Griffith and Sycamore Mutual Water Company; Marty Stripling, Roger Cornwell and the River Garden Farms Company; Lewis Bair and Reclamation District No. 108; Phil, Tucker and Dave Burroughs and Windswept Land & Livestock Company; John Oji and the Oji Bros. Farms; Chris Capaul, Mike Cole and the Tisdale Irrigation & Drainage Company; Danny Alamo and Alamo Farms; Clint Jewett, Phil Russick and Cranmore Farms; Joe and Joey Sanchez and the Joseph Sanchez Farms.  Without your commitment and participation in the Phase 7 program, it would not have been possible to gain the knowledge and expertise that was obtained through the years.

Phase 7 grant funds were provided by the CVPIA Anadromous Fish Screen Program (AFSP), administered by the Bureau of Reclamation, and State Proposition 84 funds administered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).